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Sound Build offers a full range of services for new construction and restorations, commonly with a focus on luxury single family and multi-family homes. 

Multi-Phase Jobs

We plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem.


Working closely with the design team to create your vision, we develop a plan tailored for your budget and schedule.


Our process emphasizes accountability through the entire build, from sequence to production and quality control.


Site cleanup, systems training, move-in coordination, final inspections and walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Areas of Specialization

While we offer a full range of construction services, we have developed specialized expertise in key areas including installation of an innovative insulation product called Airkrete.

Airkrete Insulation​

Green, non-toxic, fireproof insulation that prevents flame spread while offering a high R value for excellent thermal resistance.

Exteriors - Siding, Windows & Doors

State-of-the-art materials and installation techniques for superior aesthetics, durability and energy-efficiency.

Seismic Retrofits

Analysis and modifications to strengthen structures and increase resistance to damage from earthquakes.

Waterproofing & Moisture Control

Advanced solutions for durable buildings designed to manage external water penetration, water vapor, and air flow

Airkrete - Green fireproof insulation

Airkrete is a green insulation product that is non-toxic and fireproof. Along with its exceptional properties for insulating and fireproofing your home without harmful toxins or off-gassing, Airkrete is mold proof, pest proof, and provides excellent sound proofing. 

The basic raw materials components of AirKrete are air, water, talc, and MGO cement. During installation it has the consistency of shaving cream as a light, cementitious foam. After it cures, AirKrete is an ultra lightweight concrete that is long-lasting with high insulation value.

We are excited about Airkrete as a superior insulation material and its potential for reducing the climate impact of home building while mitigating the risks of climate change for homeowners. Especially with the heightened risk of wildfires in California, we think AirKrete offers homeowners an incredible opportunity to protect property and save lives.


Airkrete simply does not burn, preventing flame spread throughout the structure, protecting loved ones and valuable property

Captures CO2

With the amazing property that it binds CO2, Airkrete captures more CO2 than it takes to produce it


Made of air, water, talc, and MGO cement, no off-gassing, it involves water-only clean-up, and it is actually edible

Sound Proofing

For some, sound-proofing is the primary reason for installation. It was installed in Neil Young’s recording studio!

Thermal Resistance

Fills all voids and blocks drafts for superior insulation performance compared to competitive products with the same R value

Pest and mold proof

Fills voids to keep pests out with properties that repel insects and prevent mold

Airkrete Flame Spread Field Test

The video below shows the effectiveness of Airkrete insulation in preventing flame spread in a burning structure. 

Airkrete Is Green Non-Toxic Insulation

Along with Airkrete’s excellent thermal resistance, the video below emphasizes its Green non-toxic properties. The host even eats it! 

Other Resources

ESL-1511. International Code Council® Evaluation Service Listing Report, ASTM E84 / UL 723, Standard Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, Issued February 2023 for Airkrete Type SB.

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